Step Towards Making Success

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In life there’s always a steppingstone towards making success and I’ll encourage you that you read on till the end of this page to attain the knowledge of stepping up towards your success in all areas of your life.
As you known a step towards anything in life is action that shows your readiness towards your goals in life. For example;
a plant that grows to become a tree tomorrow had so many steps it took to get to that height it’s want to attain
Therefore, in many areas of your life what’s soever it is you want to attain success you need to know the steps involved in such task you want to accomplish.

The steps involved in achieving success are;

knowledge/skills:in this step of success if you don’t possess the two you are likely to make mistake that will cost you a loss of your capital, time and efforts that you’ve invested so much in, therefore you need both to help you gain the experience you need to build a solid foundation on what you’re about investing your capital, time and efforts. You also know that when ever you are going to acquire both your knowledge and skills from always make a note on them so that even when you’ve forgotten some of the lesson you got either at school, seminar, Web or a mentor you can always go to your note to recover such lost knowledge or skill.

Vision and Planning: once you have taking the first step as described above the next step is to visualize your target why so this is because when you don’t have a foresight of what you want to achieve you are likely to be distracted and frustrated in developing an idea to make out a strategic plan for your goal, therefore have a vision so that your planning will be strategic and understandable on where to begin, exercise patience, make more research to further your progress without having issues on challenges you are to overcome.

Self disciple and Focus: in this stage I call it the engine room of success because this is where the drive of success spring forth from. In this stage your attitude needs a lot of training to posses the passion and focus required to pursue your goal with the zeal of making success come to reality. When you are passionate about something you’ll discipline yourself in depriving yourself of things that don’t add progress for your success and when you possess the zeal of pursuing success you’ll have more focus required to make success happen.

Believe and Execute: this is the most tempting step of success because the challenges of your environment and also peers are more likely to stop you from executing your plan.
Environment:this factor consists of the people, security, and under developing community that can pose a serious treat if you decided to remain there, this is because they would pose a serious discouragement for you not to attend to your goal, therefore the advice I’ll give you is to keep your distance to their unencouraging outlook but welcome their critics and make out ideas from their unencouraging outlook, because that only helps you get better and adjust to things that are not in order.
Peers: when you have friends or relative that don’t understand your plans of success always take the advantage of using them to gain more ideas on the areas they have knowledge of don’t push them away because they don’t understand you or they possess a very bad behavior rather pick points from there discouragement to make out ideas to further more.
Once you believe in yourself the possible advice I gave you from the two factors above won’t be difficult applying then execute your plan and move ahead.

Perseverance and patience: this is the final step of success and must be considered at all times when you come across any challenge that appears foreign to your already made strategic plan so as to study such situation carefully and also tolerate it’s presence at present so that you come out of it peacefully but if handled without care and Patience you’ll end up in a deep pit.

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